I just got the “Experiencing Hubble” course with lectures and CD.  Did you know that the HST telescope’s images are ten times better than any ground based instrument?  Hubble has taken more than a half a million pictures and more than 7000 papers have used HST data.  I have always love astronomy and hope to catch up as many things have changed since I took an astronomy course in college. Go to this site for more info:   http://hubblesite.org/gallery/ God’s art of the stars has always been a love of mine.  I did a whole series of night sky paintings some years back.  This one “Estes Park Night” was one of my best sellers: Estes Lake Colorado As we gaze at the night sky we are actually looking back in time for the light we see was sent across space many thousands and in some cases millions of years ago.  Some star light we see is actually from stars that have long past ceased to exist but their light is still traveling across space.  Looking to my star in the heavens, I prefer to look forward to my beguiling future.  Having the privilege to be an artist and living to see my work in so many galleries and shows is inspiring. Having expressed that, my new series incorporates stars in an unusual way.  I actually use texture to make art of the stars putting impasto into the paint as I work.  The result is impressionistic and real at the same time: Tern Flying“Wild Wings” 12 by 24, oil is the result of palate knife and art of stars.  I worked in palate knife many years ago at the beginning of my career as an artist.  I actually trained for three years with an artist that specialized in this technique.