Azure Pacific

Deep seas run right along the Pacific coast. Beautiful turquoise water washes along the shoreline.

The Art of painting began for me when I watched my mother sketch and design with watercolor.   I have never been proficient in that medium but have always loved oils.   It took me many years and much patience to get through the hundred miles of canvas so that I can paint like a master.   (The hundred miles of canvas means that you use that much canvas to learn the craft.)

One of my favorite places to paint is along any coastline.   I have cruised many places and find the deep seas a favorite place to be inspired.   I once boarded a schooner in the sea of Cortez and went sailing into the Pacific.   The gentle wind, rocking of the boat, splash of bow waves will forever be etched as a favorite memory.  In Alaska I joined a crew of crab fishermen and went out into the islands off the coast.   The color in the water ranged from indigo to turquoise but the trip started in silence and morning fog, then as the afternoon worn on the skies cleared and eagles came to fly.   From these images and emotions come colors and paint strokes.

The art of painting is a finely honed skill.   I can easily produce a fairly decent painting in a very short time.   Last week, I was engaged to paint in front of a group from a local church while talking about “God’s Masterpiece.”  I find the art of painting a way to express joy, life and beauty.  The art of painting took many years to develop but it is worth it to be blessed with skill that others can enjoy.

Me with some audience members at a demonstration for a local church.

Me with some audience members at a demonstration for a local church.