Many years ago we lived beside a couple that started celebrating Christmas in September.   They had a whole section of their attic dedicated to decorations specifically for Christmas.   In August they came over to our house (we lived across the street) and told us that they were preparing by getting out the boxes, lights and trees (I’m talking forest here) making sure everything worked.   I went over to their house because I just couldn’t believe it!  Sure enough their second floor was inundated.   What drew my interest was their white Christmas paintings which they had accumulated over the previous 50 years:  deer in the snow, houses with lights and many of Santa Claus.   I have to say they really had some incredible work in the stack.   They actually replaced every wall decoration in their house.   For some reason, I have never been struck with the white Christmas painting bug and the only snow paintings I do are far and few between.   I think it makes me cold to work on them!   The pastel below is one of the them.

Looking back to when I was a child, my family had a gala on Christmas Eve and everyone would come to my parents house for all the goodies.   Christmas music played and the highlight was a visit by Santa Claus.  Everyone got a special present and we often had two sometimes three generations participating.   It took everyone’s breath away to see the house filled with decorations galore and so many delectable goodies to eat.   I believe that is what the couple who lived across the street were trying to capture.    Many artists try to relate these emotions in their White Christmas Paintings but it is very difficult to do!


White Christmas Painting

One of my very few white Christmas paintings.