Apple Hill? What Happened?

Apple Hill? What Happened?

If you read my last post, you know we just visited California.  My husband’s family established Apple Hill in Camino, CA., having had pear and apple orchards.   We have not visited the area for many years having sold the family farm many years ago.  Imagine the shock and dismay when we visited the Apple Hill to find every remnant of the legacy virtually removed!  The trees were ripped from the ground and their bones litter the farms.  Instead, mile upon mile of grape vines spring from the fertile ground.  (The ladders below belonged to our family and now hold up a pink rose bush.) The barns and buildings from the last century stand in disrepair and wineries and tasting rooms dot the countryside.  At one time my artwork was dominated by rural scenes and barns and I loved painting at Apple Hill.  However, nostalgia seems to have waned.  Still, I love to paint old barns, farmers fields, as well as  California vineyards.

This  month I have two sets of paintings out on display.  The Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park solo art show runs in the gallery until September 30th.   Located at mile highway 60 mile-marker 263 near Superior, Arizona the reception is set for August 30th from 11 until 1:00 pm and YOU ARE INVITED!  Show up and I will give you tickets for the park entry!  Just use the contact form above and I will get you the tickets.

The show at Visions in old town Chandler, comes to an end August 28th.  Be sure to get there and find my work near the front door.  Free mini canvas to anyone purchasing my work at either gallery!

Ladders of the Past

Ladders my husband’s Grandfather used in his apple and pear orchards.

Barns of the Past

Apple Valley barns are showing some wear and tear.

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