Art of the West

Art of the West

Having been published a number of times in major art magazines, I thought I might discuss how this helps an artists career.  First of all, I’ve never sold anything from an ad and I do not know a single artist in my extensive network who has.  Yet many artists believe this is the primary reason for advertising.  Secondly, many of the magazines today will only use your work if you pay to advertise with them with a couple of exceptions: Art of the West publishers showcase artists they believe in and do not require a certain size paid ad.  Secondly, artists think that they’ll get calls from admirers.  I’ve got calls from niche magazines talking about using my work but only if I agree to a certain amount of paid ads.

For more information about Art of the West:

Two of my pastel paintings in an Art of the West article.

The reason an artist wants to use ads is so that when they apply to a gallery, their name is recognized by the owners.   Not only that but when an artists work is up in a exhibition, a collector will recognize the work as being “collectible.”  In order for someone to “recognize” your name they had to have seen it a minimum of 7 to 9 times.   That’s why Facebook and Twitter are good ideas.  In the publishing world, Art of the West Magazine is a personal favorite as I find the owners to be fair-minded and not carried by current trends but by quality, consistant work.   Many times a certain name will pop up carried by a trend and then dropped as fast as they took off.   As Heidi Klum says, “One day you are IN, the next day you are OUT!”

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