Lights in the Forest

Lights in the Forest

I have taken a hiatus from posting on FB, my blog and other media.  I’ve had my 34 year old nephew die, my uncle die, and my dog die in the last few weeks.  I am caring for my husband who is suffering with a brain disease called Parkinsonism.  As a result of this turmoil, I’ve broken out the Christmas tree, hung many lights in the yard and watched the stars at night.   Watching the stars reminds me that God has promised us that whatever we face it will not be more than we are able to handle.  However, I believe I am bumping the line on capacity.   Amazingly, I still see lights in the forest.   What I mean is that although the way has many shadows, there just beyond the way is a light that shines on my path through life.

Here is a painting that I did at the Boyce Thompson plein air session a few months ago.   I always felt it was missing an integral piece and so, as I often do, I put the painting away for a month.   I took it out and realized it lacked depth.   I took it out recently and repainted some of the trunks and put a few details into the background.   Can you see the difference? Lights in the forest are defined in this artwork:  We move through dark places to a place of light and comfort.   Much like our fleeting existence, the flowers are gone and winter has come to Phoenix.  Although I do not understand why, I do know the end result for my uncle and my nephew and they are on the other side waiting for us to come home.

Heather Coen Artwork

Hummingbird Garden, Oil 18 by 24. Available and on sale!

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Hummingbirds buzz, bees collect honey and flowers bloom…

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