Aspiring Aspens

Aspiring Aspens

I just started my “Aspiring Aspens” series.   Having basically white trucks, the subtle, yet colorful notches and imperfections in their trunks are hard to achieve in oil paint.  Distance is depicted by bluing and greying the backgrounds but it takes a very subtle touch.

Many artists try to paint aspens.  However, the roundness and rich colors of the tree rarely come across.   “Aspiring Aspens” was the name of this series because I am trying to paint aspens with a sense of roundness and dimension.  It takes many glass like paint layers to achieve the results I want.   However , this series started with “Green Glen” which sold immediately.   Encouraged by the result I continued with four more paintings.   I felt the most successful was “Brilliant Wood” and “Last Embers.”  Both are available on my website.

With each successive work, I tried to improve the notches and the shadowing.  I have talked about layering in previous posts but with this subject matter it is very important that a medium with a glass like quality be applied with the paint.   Because you can see through the layers the paintings have a 3 dimensional look about them.

For more information about how these pieces are created you can visit my FaceBook page at:

In the next few weeks the results of some national contests will be posted.  Having been 98% successful in the past year, I am hoping to post a number of new links.   I send my paintings all over the United States and many of them are of aspen.  I currently have representation in 6 galleries in four states which includes New York.


Green Glen

Green Glen was the first in “Aspiring Aspen” series of oil paintings.

Brilliant Woods

Aspiring Aspens was a series I started a year ago.

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