California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Alpine Lake needed a few paint strokes to finish in my studio.

Alpine Lake

Alpine Lake” 22 by 28, Oil Painting.  Available at Earthwood Gallery in Boulder, CO.


Artwork_0000s_0067_California Dreaming“California Dreaming” 24 by 24 Gallery Wrap Oil Painting.

Sometimes life just throws you circumstance you just wish you didn’t have to live through.  Last week my husband and I visited California dreaming about the many years we lived and worked there.  We, unfortunately, had another reason and that was to visit my 33 year old nephew in hospice.  My sister is a intensive care nurse and she has her dying son living in her second bedroom.  Vic has a 3 year old son and a very sad wife.  He was diagnosed in 2008 and has gone through at least five rounds of chemo, some radiation treatments and surgeries.  He can no longer use his voice and talks through a tracheotomy tube in his throat.  Yet, everyday he tries to be with his son and lives on knowing time is slipping away.  He is on a battery of drugs to keep him somewhat comfortable. It gives one pause to see a situation like this one:  It re-defines the meaning of life being fragile.

I’ve often thought that the meaning of my tag line: “Creating a legacy, one original at a time” had depth and body.  I am hoping that the body of work I have created will live past me and my family and collectors will benefit.

I once read that Georgia O’Keefe destroyed a number of her paintings one afternoon when she got frustrated; the smoke carried with it about a billion dollars worth of benefit to her family.  I put paintings I am frustrated with into my “holding” pile.  I often see plein air artists scrape off canvas that took them hours and hours of work, when a few extra strokes on the dried canvas would have made the work sing.  This was particularly true of the piece at the top when I corrected the sunlight patches. “Alpine Lake” 22 by 28, Oil Painting.

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