Collecting Painting Jewels

Collecting Painting Jewels

Exactly, what do I mean by “collecting painting jewels?”   I’m talking about collecting original artworks as an investment.

1.  Art is in the eye of the beholder.  Right now the trend is about softer focus and abstract paintings.   However, collectors who truly invest in art find that certain artists  who really bucked the trends, moving about in their own zone of creation, not listening to the artists around them who tried to paint them into a box, are the ones whose work moved into a much higher price stratosphere.   This generally did not occur during their life span but later generations recognized their true genius.

2.  Reprints are cheap but true art is the real investment.  I once went into a house decorated with nice work but there wasn’t an original in the whole place.   When I inquired as to the cost, most of the money was spent on matting, frames, glass and the reproduction.   The cost for most of them could have bought a few truly original pieces which would have been an investment that paid dividends.   Some of the pieces were sold at a severe discount in a yard sale some years later when the art went out of fashion.

3.  Collectors who buy what they love never tire of the original jewels.   A couple in New York dedicated a lifetime of collecting and sacrificed their living style to procure originals.   They dedicated one bedroom in their home to paintings which they stacked on the floors and on shelves as their collection grew.   It is estimated that the worth of the collection was hundreds of times the original cost they paid.

Like Jewels original artwork must be felt and appreciated by the collector.

Cowboy Dreams

A painting jewel done in pastels, “Cowboy Dreams” is available on this website.

Ocotillo Spring

Started as a plein air pastel, “Ocotillo Spring” this piece was repeated in the studio. Available on this website.


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