Things to know about Western Art

Things to know about Western Art

Boyce Thompson Art Reception

You have to have a copy of this post card to get into the Boyce Thompson garden for FREE!

Western Art has taken two directions in the past 20 years:  The ultra real and the soft focus impressionism seem to be popular.  Many shows have popped up in the West featuring a select group of “famous artists.”  Galleries showcase their work and so they become more famous as time goes on.  I talked to one gallery owner who said they receive on average, 20 to 50 artist applications each MONTH.  The owner of an art magazine has a workshop that just teaches how to approach and get into galleries across the country for a substantial fee.  Basically I find that persistence is the real key and really good ad materials.  However, I never will understand some of the “art” that is accepted.  One gallery in particular this brings to mind:.  The artists they’ve selected lately often loose focus half way through painting the subject and simply leave the horse half finished or don’t complete the face.  Western art is often beautiful in the eye of the beholder.

LAST CALL! Anyone interested in visiting,  taking pictures or plein air painting at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park this Saturday August 30th, if you want FREE entry you have to have a copy of this post card front with you. Boyce is located at mile marker 263 on Highway 60 near Superior, AZ on the way to Globe.  My reception and FREE Luncheon is from 11-1 in the air conditioned Smith Building.   Please mention my name—Heather Coen—if you forget the post card as I have a few of them at the front desk just in case.  At 8 am. the lizard walk with popular Casa Grande outdoor educator ‘Wild Man Phil’  showcases colorful and charismatic little reptiles!

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