Looking back and developing character

Looking back and developing character

Heather Coen artist

Mother of Heather Coen

My Mother was a beautiful person as well as an artist. Much of my talent is derived from her encouragement when I was a child. She always had paint sets, craft items and lots of ideas to keep us kids busy.

Recently I tried to use this same technique on my grandkids and took them to Hobby Lobby and Barnes and Nobel. I got my grandson a build your own fort kit, a tee-pee kit and some moveable figures. I got my grand daughter a step-by-step drawing kit and some paintable figures of little animals. We retired to my art studio and had an afternoon session of crafts and painting which the kids loved. I often think that parents skip making things with their kids and deny themselves these pleasure. Thankfully, grandparents are not under the grindstone and so make time to do the things which will give character and persistence in later life.

I tried to get to my paints a number of times this week but my husband (who is suffering with a brain disease) has had a rough couple of weeks. As his sole caretaker, it is very difficult to scratch out some personal time for my work. I am working on a beautiful California seascape as I pulled an old painting out and got all worked up about the California Coast near Monterey and Santa Cruz where I spent many happy days as a child. I will be posting that work shortly.

I’ve got my inventory and mugs set to go for the solo show at Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, AZ which I am hanging on Monday. I can’t wait to see how it looks in their gallery! 30 individual pieces most of them painted plein air.

Point Lobos

Point Lobos along the California coast.

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