Pacific Coast Paintings

Pacific Coast Paintings

Many years ago I did a number of pacific coast paintings. At that time Don Foster was publishing a number of books to instruct palate knife artists.   Interesting as they were, palate knife takes much practice and a very gentle hand to make the paint work into a wave, sky or tree.   It is particularly useful for applying clouds and a blue sky easily and quickly: I apply three bands of color and then blend them together using the knife or a wide brush.  It takes me about 5 minutes after 35 years of practice!

I have resurrected Pacific coast paintings as of late because of my love of turquoise and azure.  God has used these colors sparingly and the places He has used them bring great pleasure to my heart.  “Azure Pacific” 16 by 20 took many months to create and is available now as an original or as a reprint.   Contact me at if you are interested.

I spent many happy days at the beach as a child and have many memories of Carmel, Monterey and Point Lobos.  The coast is very populated at this juncture but I can remember walking for miles and not see a single soul.   It is this that is captured like a shining bubble in my memory.

If you share these happy beach memories from your childhood I would like to hear from you.  (It does not necessarily have to be a beach in California either.)   Comment below.

The second painting coming off the easel is actually something I started more than two years ago.  However, I am very pleased with the final product.  “God’s Country” 18 by 24, oil started as a plein air piece.


Pacific Coast Paintings

Pacific Coast paintings always comfort my soul. “Azure Pacific” 16 by 20, oil.

God's Country

The Grand Tetons rise seven thousand feet above verdant valleys. “God’s Country” 18 by 24, oil.

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