Paint America

Paint America

Some years ago I determined that Paint America and Paint the Parks were national venues worthy of my time and energy.  I was honored with the coveted “Master Signature” award a few years ago which took ten years to complete.  You have get juried into the “Top 100” a number of times and (in my case) get points for taking a major prize.  I got first place for “Point Lobos” which sold at the venue.   The paintings travel all over the United States are displayed in museums and galleries from coast to coast.  The initials below my signature “M-PAA” stand for Master-Paint America Association.   The venue is hosted by the Coutts Museum in El Dorado, KS.  For more information go to:

Point Lobos painting

Point Lobos along the California coast.

Besides working for my designations at Paint America, I also have other designations for the Pastel Society Colorado and Plein Air Artists Colorado which are more localized.  However, since the move to Arizona, I realize it will take more years of dedicated work to get “Signature” member in Arizona art organizations.

My son came home from running a benefit in Denver, CO early on the day Phoenix got the most rainfall in history.  Freeways were closed, lakes were formed and back-up holding areas were filled with water.  One lady passed me on the freeway going about 75 when the rain was coming down in buckets.  Unfortunately, we entered another freeway and she hydroplaned her car, lost control, and spun out into a tree at the side.  Her car was ruined but she got out of it.  I picked my son up at Skyway and proceeded onto the Mayo Clinic in North Phoenix where they admitted him and scheduled him for surgery that afternoon.  Thank you Mayo for your kind, thoughtful employees and concerned doctors!



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