Paint the Wild

Paint the Wild

I’ve always been an outdoor enthusiast hense the name “Paint the Wild” for my business.  Unfortunately, having been assigned the role of caregiver has severely curtailed my ability to plein air paint or take trips.   I’ve made due with hundreds of profession pictures I’ve taken over the years and thank God I got to travel before my husband had MSA. Last year we visited the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson which is the best for taking pictures of wildlife.  My painting “Hawk Eye” (16 by 16, oil on board) came from a photo I took as a prairie falcon actually flew over my head and landed on a nearby cactus.  I combined it with a glittery waning moon with some background clouds.  So Paint the Wild is off and flying!

Prairie Falcon  Currently this piece is on sale marked down from $500 to $200 at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum solo show in Superior Arizona.  If you are interested contact me below!


Master status is essentially getting a Master’s degree in the art world.  It encompasses many years of study and work as each time you enter a judged exhibition you get points for qualifying or taking home a ribbon or prize.  At Paint the Wild, my ambition has always been to get my “degree” of sorts from Paint America.  The artwork and judging is of the highest caliber.  I achieved this some years ago and am one of about 20 artists to have this distinction.  Two qualifying pieces  are below.  If you are interested in seeing the judged artwork from all over the US go to:

SONY DSC  “Snake River Valley”  12 by 24 Oil Painting


Buffalo still roam in the Grand Tetons  “The Sentinel” 16 by 20 Oil Painting

I’m hoping to qualify for both Paint America and Paint the Parks this year.  My new entries are on the easel at Paint the Wild.





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