Paintings on On-line Auctions

Paintings on On-line Auctions

Putting paintings on on-line auctions produces two results for the artist:  1.  It sells small paintings to a wide audience without gallery commissions.  2.  It promotes the work.   So you inquire, how can this be  a bad thing?  Like all things in life it is a two edged sword.  The paintings sell because they are priced to sell but at the same time the artist has to reduce their prices on bigger pieces to fall into line with the auction.  I tried it sometime ago and did not have much luck with the effort.  The bigger pieces take much more work and time.   I am not sure which side of the sword I will land on!

I’ve got a couple of inquiries about pastels as of late.  Besides considering paintings on on-line auctions, I am starting to think about switching over to pastels again.  Many galleries have problems selling pastels because they just don’t want to mess with the glass and matting.  However at the same time, they sell watercolors on a regular basis which is also glassed and matted.  Some gallery owners are very savvy and sell a pastel for every oil that goes out the door the difference being their attitude.

I’ve started on three new paintings.   One was started in the field (plein air) but it lacked something.  I used the trick to put it away for a few months and then take it out.  BANG!  It was obvious that it lacked contrast and highlights.  Here is the finished product which I did for Paint America.  I had to apply to this juried show this week so I was very glad I got it finished in time.

Mt. Moran in the distance.

Grand Teton National Park is my favorite place to paint plein air.

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