Pastel Society of the West Coast and West Coast Artists

Pastel Society of the West Coast and West Coast Artists

Every year in January I select the art organizations I want to contribute to.   Usually they consider your work before they jury you into the club.   This year I have joined Pastel Society of the West Coast and was immediately juried in and ask to be an area representative for Arizona.  Vincent Van Gogh said once, “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”  One way to keep your voice is to paint for shows and venues that you consider worthwhile.   Pastel Society of the West Coast is a great way to showcase my work with top level artists.  West coast artists have a plethora of environments to work from.  Their plein air work can include mountains, deserts, plains, valleys and seashores and anything in between.  A source of great joy for me, I love to feature any environment I am exposed to.  To see other artists work from this prestigious organization go to:

We. Are. Pastelists.

Paint America and Paint the Parks are big contenders for my work.  I am a “Master Signature” member of Paint America which took ten years and many submissions to accomplish.  This year Paint the Parks awarded me $150 Juror’s Award Winner: Heather H. Coen, “Emory Barrel,” Saguaro National Park.   I also got two of my other paintings into the “Top 100” while competing with the top level artists in the USA.   The show will travel the United States over the coming year and be featured in galleries and museums.

Western Landscapes James Island

“James Island” 24 by 36, oil is along the Coast of Washington State.

I have a list of about 10 organizations I support with membership.   One way to get your name known within these art venues is to do a demonstration for them. I will be talking about how I do that in the next blog coming up shortly!


Emory Barrel

Judges Award from Paint the Parks 2015

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