Spring into Painting

Spring into Painting

A clear mirror like pool reflects aspen trees as the sun sets. 11 by 14 Oil on Canvas. My first spring into painting.

Reviving Spring into Painting

Lately I have been trying to get studio time.   Whether I am trying to visit my husband in hospice, or dealing with a number of insurance issues, it seems like spring into painting is what I need.   As many artists know, the “zone”  (PAINTING) makes all reality fade and it is almost if you have entered a room that is peaceful, quiet and full of the things you love in life.   Then when something disturbs that peace or interferes with the flow, it is like waking up to a world of chaos.   That is why my paintings seem so tranquil and full of peace.

“Mirror” was done on a black canvas and started with a number of white trunks and a few rocks.   I developed the layers of oil paint in color above the black and white image.   I discovered that it was much easier to get the rock surfaces three dimensional using this method.   Spring into painting something new with a new technicque.

Orchids in a teal vase.

Orchids 16 by 20 Oil on Canvas Still Life.  My second spring into painting.

The next canvas was a still life with pink orchids.   When an artist enters the “zone” who know what will spring into painting?    I just saw a beautiful vase at an antique shop in Scottsdale and had to paint it.   I did not set the still life up, but just drew the composition from pieces i remembered.    That with the exception of the glass orb on the left which I always paint from life.   I took the tapestry on the table from an inspiration I had with Sargent as the highlighted stunning cloth is always something I study in his paintings.

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