Spring Melts

Spring Melts

Beautiful Mirror Pool

A clear still pool reflects aspen trees as the sun sets. 11 by 14 Oil on Canvas.

Often I wonder why I am so enamored of mirror reflections.   Coming from Colorado, I often watched the land go from a colorless, blank palate to spring vibrant with blue, yellow and emerald green.  It still feels like my soul wakes in the crisp cold air as winter leaves. Spring melts are often the first subject on my mind.

As water floods from the mountains, pools develop and reflect.   I started this painting “Mirror” a 11 by 14 oil with a black canvas.   Then I did something very different:  I actually painted the rocks and trees in pure white paint.   I found that when you add color it varies according to the contrast.   This gives the painting more depth and deeper color.

Evening light falls on a bubbling stream and small, clear pond. 12 by 24 on Pastel board.

I especially love to paint rocks under water which takes many layers and much thought.   Being able to see “through” things has always been important to me as a person and as an artist.

Glass Lake 12 by 24 Oil

“Long’s Light” sold in Annapolis, Maryland

Late shadows drift across Moraine Park. 11 by 17 Pastel on Board

The National Show for Women Artists of the West finished in December.   I was one of the artists whose work “Long’s Light” sold during the show.   The National Venue exhibited paintings from all over the United States.

In Conclusion

Time and dedication are the critical key to getting layers in both oil and pastel paintings.  The planning involved sometimes takes months to tweek the composition and layers to reflect perfection.    Pastels are looser and easier to correct than oils in my opinion.   In the end Spring flows into my work through water.


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