SW Landscape Painting

SW Landscape Painting


Emory Barrel

Judges Award from Paint the Parks 2015

To my  surprise as a SW Landscape Painting specialist, I got the results back from Paint the Parks last week:  two “Top 100” entries into the show which travels the United States over a year period and another entry which took the prestigious Judges Award.  The Coutts Museum in El Dorado, KS wrote about the entries for this years show:  “Hundreds of entries were received from all over the country. Every entry was given careful consideration and those entries that made it into the show are wonderful examples of contemporary representative fine art that demonstrate the beauty of our National Parks.   This is now the third year the Coutts Museum of Art has managed this program. As in each prior year, we see new artists, representing nearly every state in the country, and a continuing enthusiasm from hundreds of artists for painting our nation’s National Parks.   We will continue to celebrate the artistic beauty of our National Parks and work diligently to constantly improve and develop this show.”

To see more information about this national venue go to:  http://www.360eldorado.com/AttractionsAndEntertainment/Museums/CouttsMuseumArt/p-PainttheParksCompetition.html

To view the Paint the Parks, Face Book web page go to:  https://www.facebook.com/couttsmuseum

Having moved about 18 months ago to Arizona, I was pleasantly shocked to find the desert had much more to offer than I had imagined.   SW Landscape Painting encompasses all the states which hold large desert reserves: mainly Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah.   I have done plein air work in each of these states.  Standing water is a rarity in these states but areas collect the rain and funnel it into areas that sometimes look like the surface of mars.   So how do I transfer my expertise from painting SW Landscape painting to a desert environment?  You can find out by reading my next blog!



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