The Voice of Creation

The Voice of Creation

A good friend of mine (a very accomplished portrait painter) was told by another portrait painter that he was willing to have her apprentice.  She started lessons and I began to see a difference in her demeanor:  Apparently she could not paint faces very well in his judgment.  Once I even caught her coming out of the studio with tears in her eyes.   I looked at her work and his and thought (at the time) I don’t understand what he is teaching her, her work had surpassed his but she was not making the money he was.  He had many connections in the art world and some of his work sold for six figures.  This apparently gave him “The Voice of Creation” as his gruff and vulgar manner only worsened towards his fellow artists as his prices continued to climb. The whole summer was filled with a barrage of negative feedback which played into her work.

Slowly over the years my rejection slips began to decline and acceptance slips fill my binders.  Now I get into 9 out of 10 shows I enter.  Over this journey I have realized the voice of creation is a voice of pure beauty and truth, drawing the very best from my brushes and mind.  The teacher in the above paragraph is a template to disaster.  As his arrogance grew, his ability to inspire diminished.

The sandwiches, fruit plates, cake and other goodies are ordered and Boyce Thompson is prepared for your visit this Saturday from 11 to 1:00 pm in the air-conditioned Smith Building.  The gallery itself will be manned with my assistant.  Enjoy the lizard walk at 8:00 am and walk the whole trail through the oldest botanical garden west of the Mississippi.  For more information:


Boyce Thompson Art Reception

You have to have a copy of this post card to get into the Boyce Thompson garden for FREE!



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