Wild Notes! Painting with oils!

Wild Notes! Painting with oils!

Evening Light

The desert is about to bloom in Arizona.

I believe that if all of us would just reach out to one individual, one missions group or do something to help a neighbor or friend on a regular basis, the whole world would be a kinder, gentler place.   One of my efforts is to make dresses through “Dress a Girl Around the World.”   The last batch went to Nepal to these children below.  What does this have to do with painting with oils?   Well, that too is a place where I can make a difference!  I support a group in Arizona that gives birthday parties for children below the poverty line.   Their benefit takes place at this time of year and I always try to donate at least three paintings with oils to their auction.   It’s my way of thanking God that I get to be an oil painter.

Both of these organizations have been vetted by me and return almost all donations to their cause.  Here are some active links:

1.  Dress a Girl-Dressing


2. Seakr Foundation- Helps families of fallen soldiers.


It is interesting to watching my students from years past who do paintings with oils, some of which have exceeded their teacher.  However, then their are those who return to what they started with.   One in particular had tremendous talent in color and design but would not slow the process.   Painting with oil takes patience and time to develop.   My last effort has over 50 layers of paint because I use a medium that has a glass like quality:   When built up over time the paint appears to have a third dimension because you are literally looking through many layers.  It is my privilege to donate some of my work to good causes.


Nepalese Children

My wild oats are confined to making dresses for the children of Nepal.

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