Win the Race

Win the Race

I listened to a video yesterday:  The Pastor from our church in Colorado talked about his life and his only marathon race.  Having an athletic son and family, I did not understand the purpose in running so far or the idea of sacrificing your body to finish what you started.  Yes, but it takes months of practice and dedication to the purpose!  All the practice came down to the 21st mile when your body burns and blood is leaking, you simply take the next step and keep going until you complete the task.  You cross the finish!

The Pastor got to the 21st mile and actually had blood leaking down his shirt and he decided to quit.  He asked to get a ride back to the start.  The sponsor said, “Why did you take four months of your life to practice?  It was not meant to get you to the starting line but rather to put one foot in front of the other when your body is spent and you no longer have the will to keep going.  Just walk a few more feet towards the finish.  Win the Race!”  Carl did.

I realized that I have the same purpose and dedication but my race is to be a World Class Artist.  I’ve got the 100 miles of canvas completed.  I’ve conditioned my skills, I’ve honed my business and I’ve done everything I could.   I don’t care if I come in at 100th but I will take every step I can to complete the task and win the race.

Bateman is considered a top artist in the world!

Listening and learning from Robert Bateman was a milestone for my career.

Greg Beecham

Greg Beecham is an incredible teacher and lecturer.


I moved and lost 90% of my business setting up in Arizona and was relegated to the role of caretaker for my disabled husband.  I am on that 21st mile….but I will win the race!

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