Wind and Water

Wind and Water

Mt. Moran in the distance.

Grand Teton National Park is my favorite place to paint plein air.

Point Lobos painting

Point Lobos along the California coast.

Wikia has a definition that Water is often used to symbolize things in literature. Water is a universal symbol of change and is often present at turning points in a story.  Since water is often a sign of life, many times water represents life.  Likewise, water can also represent death (such as dark murky waters). Wind and Water are two of my favorite subjects.

Wind and Water are not only symbolized in literature, but certain hues and movements of water in paintings can evoke sorrow, sadness, strength, serenity, and many strong emotions.   I have often choose to have water in my paintings; the play of currents, the seas sweet lapping, the violent crash of waves on the shore, the eddies and slow moving river current all enthrall. It took years of experimentation and many trails and failures before I can write that I have become adept at portraying depth below a surface.

Point Lobos was my first real success in painting water with bubbles:  A droplet of paint fell on the canvas surface and I did not realize it was on there till a few hours later;  I tried to wipe it off but the rims perfect circle was left behind.   I thought, “Wow that looks like a bubble!”  The background sand was clear in the middle so I simply put a straight line through the diameter and I had a beautiful perfect bubble.   It was an epiphany that has served me well over the years.

These paintings are available with the exception of Point Lobos which is available as a reproduction.  Simply click the “Contact the Artist” button below.


Plein Air of Azure Cove

A keyhole cave and azure waters.

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